Michael Hedges Tribute Page

Michael Hedges was a phenomenal guitarist, composer and human being. It still hurts that I have to use the past tense to describe him, as he passed away on December 1, 1997 on a tragic car accident. I had some fortune to see him develop in early 80's and got to know him a little. This page is a tribute to this extraordinary man.

Michael and me on left, at the bar of New Versity Theather, Palo Alto, CA. I believe this was taken after Michael's last "regular" show at the theater before he relocated to Mendocino, CA. I think that was 1985. Michael came back to the theater one more time, when the theater was about to close.

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Read about Michael Hedges in 80's (My Recollections)

Pictures from the 1985 "Windham Hill on Green" Concert, Stanford University May 18, 1985

(I took these pictures myself!)
New June 2012

Pictures from the 1986 "Windham Hill on Green II" Concert, Stanford University

Some great archives

Michael appeared on interviews and some are archived and available on Internet

First, there are series of "Echoes" radio programs. These interviews are wonderful, but you do have to pay.... I did listen to his 1994 "Living Room Concert" interview. This one is 30 minutes long, and is 9.7 MB long. It mayn take a while to download, but I think it's worth the time. It is a live concert (not just playing CD tracks) and Michael talks about his music in between songs. The songs are "Sofa No. 1", "Ritual Dance", "Rickover's Dream", "Dirge", "Shearing", "Jitterboogie". You can go to Echoes web site to listen to other ones, but I think you have to pay? I'm cheap and have not coughed up the money yet.

Second, this video clip is him playing "Eleven Small Roaches" in Enid, OK, in 1995. The quality is rather poor, but I need to keep it small. This file is 28.1 MB (does anyone know how to make it smaller?) so it may take a while to download.

Third, NPR interviewed Michael and you can listen to it here. This archive also has the broadcast of his passing. That's how I learned of the news.

There are a number of Michael Hedges video clips at YouTube as of April 2006. I checked just now, and some clips are gone such as Michael finger-syncing "Aerial Boundaries" in a park but there are many good ones still on YouTube. Check them out.