Menu from Domino's Pizza in Japan


This page shows picture menu from Domino's Pizza in Japan. The items are quite different - Some look really good, while others are sort of strange. This manu was valid between December 26, 2001 and January 10, 2002. Apparently they change the menu quite often, plus this is the period of New Year Celebration and there are some Winter Specials.

The prices are listed in Japanese yens (Y symbol). Currently, 130 yens is worth one US Dollar, and my conversion is based on that rate.

Pizzas come in M (medium, 10 inch diameter) and in L (lagr,e 14 inch diameter). You can order one as "Half and Half", or "Quattro" (4 different kinds on one piece). The crust can be "regular" or "Italian (thin)".

You can also custom order your pizza from various toppigs.

Pizzas are delivered to your house. They used to do "30 minutes, or free" but apparently not any longer. You can order it "take out" - there's a discount of 500 yens ($4) for each M size, and 700 yens ($6) for each L size.

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