Plectrology IV Song List

Plectrology IV was issued on four CDs in June 1999

Disk ONE (29 tracks, 72 min 23 sec)

The Minstrel Boy (3:16) Steve Alexander

Peacock's Feather - The Boys of Bluehill (3:19) Gary Alter

There's No Place Like OM (2:09) Vijay Barnabas

Soldier's Joy (DADGAD) (1:59) Vijay Barnabas

Sweet Georgia Brown (1:49) Vijay Barnabas

St. Anne's Reel (2:25) Berry - Williamson

8th of January (1:55) Berry - Williamson

Cattle in the Cane (2:54) Berry - Williamson

Bye Bye Blues (1:20) John Braman

All Of Me (2:03) Rolly Brown

Planxty Ernie (2:00) Charlie Bryant

Chief O'Neill's Favorite - Boys of Bluehill (1:28) Charlie Bryant

Polkadot & Moonbeams (2:11) Charlie Bryant

The First Whippoorwill (3:28) Rob Bulkley

I Thought It Was Time For A Waltz (3:03) Rob Bulkley

Intro. to Vermonters (1:22) Peter Cady

The Song of the Vermonters, 1779 (3:24) Peter Cady

Hello Stranger (3:43) Jerry Cagle

Oh, Susannah (2:08) Jerry Cagle

The Game's Afoot (3:08) John Carlini

Reflections (3:34) John Carlini

I Am A Pilgrim (2:06) Charlie Carothers

Tobacco Patch (2:15) Chin - Steib

'R Somethin' Else (2:49) Chin - Steib

Road To Columbus (2:26) Chin - Steib

Fisher's Hornpipe (1:30) Ed Clark

St. Anne's Reel (2:02) Ed Clark

Ghost Dance (2:48) Mark Cosgrove

Maple on the Hill (2:35) Mark Cosgrove

Disk TWO (28 tracks, 74 min 47 sec)

Love You Don't Know (3:43) Brad Davis

Uncle Herman's Hornpipe (2:06) Dan DeLancey

Golden Eagle Hornpipe (2:22) Dan DeLancey

Take Me Out To The Ballgame (2:53) Steve Dikkers

Foggy Mountain Special (3:36) Steve Dikkers

Dixie Banner (2:48) Nathan Druckenmiller

The Butterfly (2:05) Nathan Druckenmiller

28th of January (2:02) Nathan Druckenmiller

I'm On My Way Back to the Old Home (3:21) Keith Dunnigan

Red Wing (2:08) Keith Dunnigan

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer (2:27) Keith Dunnigan

Ashokan Farewell (2:12) Rodger Eckhart

Cherokee Shuffle/Whiskey Before Breakfast (1:40) Rodger Eckhart

Briarpicker Brown (2:29) Dave Eggebrecht

Meghann's Reel (1:56) Tom Farley

Horatio T Hornpipe (1:27) Tom Farley

Big Sandy River (2:00) Fish/Alexander

Engagement Waltz (3:48) Fortuna - Wolf

The Blarney Pilgrim/Rodney's Glory/Cooley's Reel (4:26) Fortuna - Wolf

St. Annes Reel (2:38) Gantt - McCracken

Soldiers Joy (2:19) Gantt - McCracken

Wildwood Flower (1:27) Eric Gard

Midnight On The Stormy Deep (3:17) Eric Gard

Goodnight Waltz (1:29) Jerry Garland

Dill Pickle Rag (1:49) Wayne Gober

Lonesome Fiddle Blues (3:58) Gottshall - Dodrill

Billy in the Lowground (3:37) Gottshall - Dodrill

Soldier's Joy (2:45) Richard Groner


Disk THREE (28 tracks, 71 min 7 sec)


St. Anne's Reel (3:57) Richard Groner

Big Sandy River (2:35) Harp - Wright

Salt Creek (2:21) Harp - Wright

Salt Creek (3:30) Chris Haynes

Gilderoy (2:24) Chris Haynes

Long Long Time (4:26) Chris Huey

Little Liza Jane/Benton's Dream (2:29) Chris Huey

Minuet (3:28) Thorsten Jakobsson

Done Gone (4:05) Steve Kaufman

Ragtime Annie (1:13) Gary Keller

St. Annes Reel (1;13) Gary Keller

Gold Rush (1:12) Gary Keller

Whiskey Before Breakfast (1:18) Gary Keller

Daybreak In Dixie (2:09) Mark Kilinski

Back Up and Push (1:40) Bryan Kimsey

Bill Cheatham (2:23) Bryan Kimsey

Bury Me Beneath the Willow (1:03) Bryan Kimsey

Columbine Hornpipe (2:03) Mark Klan

Morning Glory Rag (2:23) Mark Klan

Studebaker (1:54) David Kosky

The Wise Maid (1:56) David Kosky

Tyson's Dream (1:33) David Kosky

Arkansas Traveler (3:54) Tim Maines

John Henry (2:17) Tim Maines

The Hymn of Ordinary Motion (2:09) Tom Mattaar

Meta Sequoia (2:56) Tom Mattaar

Rodeo Wind (4:37) Sandy Morse

Big Manju (2:50) Charles Neff

Disk FOUR (26 tracks, 73 min 15 sec)

Robin Bop (2:03) Donny Nelson

Spike Island Lassies/The Crooked Road/McAuliffe's (2:34) Chris Newman

The Skinner Set (4:08) Chris Newman

Fireball Mail (2:21) Mike Nihen

Eugene Stratton/Toss the Feathers (2:50) Spencer Nitchie

Snake River Reel/Tom Morrison's (2:31) Spencer Nitchie

Just As I Am/Simple Gifts (2:46) Chief Noda

Tarantella (1:33) Chief Noda

Dixie Hoedown (2:03) Jerry Noernberg

Cotton Patch Rag (2;04) Jerry Noernberg

Beaumont Rag (3:06) Northern Virginia Flatpickers

Dixie Hoedown (2:02) Tim O'Brien

The Likes of Me (2:47) Tim O'Brien

Cotton Patch Rag (2:57) Ralph Papile

Sail Away Ladies (2:53) Ralph Papile

Rockingham Cindy/John Brown's Dream (2:21) Eric Platt

Take Five (:51) Woody Pope

Red Haired Boy (1:42) Woody Pope

Whiskey Before Breakfast/Ragtime Annie/St. Anne's Reel (6:09) Danny Powell

Salt Creek (3:51) Rebar - Wilhelm

Big Sciota (3:10) Rebar - Wilhelm

Blackberry Blossom (3:25) Scott Reichert

Cryin' Holy (2:09) Scott Reichert

Morning Dew (3:15) Betsy Rome

When the Bloom Is Off the Rose (3:38) Betsy Rome

Brand New Blues (3:02) Betsy Rome


Disk FIVE (24 tracks, 72 min 45 sec)

Lost Indian (2:29) David Rudd

Flowers of Edinburgh (2:11) David Rudd

Popeye's Waltz (3:21) Shadd - Fryefield

Eight More Miles To Louisville (3:01) Shadd - Fryefield

Shipyard Apprentice (4:28) Shuldberg - Humphrey

Little Green Valley (2:46) Shuldberg

Oak and Ivy (1:27) Ed Smith

Little Talk (2:32) Ed Smith

Sally Goodin (3:12) Rusty Smith

Westphalia Waltz (2:08) Rusty Smith

Uncle Herman's Hornpipe/Durang's Hornpipe (4:23) Staples - Maddox

Miller's Will (3:09) Mark Steele

Ice Cream Man (1:34) Mark Steele

Song about Dan Crary based on His version of Durang's Hornpipe (3:06)

Kevin Stevenson

Chorus Jig (2:30) David surette

Reel de Jules Verret / Opera Reel (3:35) David surette

Early (4:16) Claire Wagner

Sweet Sally Brown (2:37) Claire Wagner

Westphalia Waltz/Back to the Cross/Little Cabin.../Hey Good lookin'

(4:49) Bill Ward

Salt Creek (2:49) Bill Ward

St. Anne's Reel (2:42) Wright - Harp

Soldier's Joy (2:35) Wright - Harp

Florida Blues (2:54) Keith Yoder

Panhandle Rag (3:12) Keith Yoder