Common and Not-So-Common Internet Shorthands

(February 2006)

Common Internet Shorthand
AFAICT       As Far As I Can Tell
ASAP         As Soon As Possible (see FLATPICK-L version)
BFI          Brute Force and Ignorance
BIC          Buy It Cheap 
BTW          By the way
CMIIW        Correct Me If I'm Wrong
CWYL         Chat With You Later
DSTM         Don't Shoot the Messenger
EMWTK        Enquirying Minds Wants To Know (or IMWTK)
FCFS         First Come, First Served
FOF          Full of Flubs
FS           For sale
FTB          Full Tilt Boogie 
FWIS         From what I've seen
FWIW         For What It's Worth
GRHS         God Rest His (Her) Soul
HHOK         Ha Ha Only Kidding
HWG          Here We Go
IIRC         If I Remember Correctly
IME          In My experience
IMHEO        In My Humble Experience and Opinion
IMHO         In My Humble Opinion
IMLE         In My Limited Experience
IMNSHO       In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO          In My Opinion
IOW          In Other Words
IWBNI        It Would Be Nice If....
Kettled      Given Mention by a Pot (verb; intransitive)
             Ex: Ouch! Boy, am I kettled*, or what!
             attributed to Joe Cline (
LMK          Let Me know
LOL          Laughing Out Loud
MIL          Mother-in-Law
MOPO         My Own Personal Opinion
NRFB         Never Removed From the Box
OBE          Overcome By Events
RFI          Request For Information
ROTFL        Rolling on the Floor, Laughing
TANSTAAFL    There Ain't No Such Things As a Free Lunch (Thanks Anita!)
             Coined by Robert Heinlein
TBF          To Be Frank
TBK          Truth Be Known
TIA          Thanks In Advance (var. TSMIA (so much), TALIA (a lot))
TTFN         Ta Ta For Now
TTYL         Talk To You Later
TTYTT        To Tell You The Truth
WGAD         Who Gives a Damn
WTB          Want to buy  (WTT = Want to Trade)
YMMV         Your Mileage May Vary
:-)          Smile, happy, major chord/scale/key
:-(          Sad, minor chord/scale/key
;-)          Wink
;^)          Tongue in Cheek  (aka TIC)
\(^-^)/      Banzai
{g}          grin
{bg}         big grin
{vbg}        very big grin
{weg}        wild-eyed grin
{beg}        big evil grin - instead of { and }, you should use inequality signs but I can't use them here

Common and no-so-common FLATPICK-L shorthands
FPL          Flatpick-L
GAS          Guitar Acquisition Syndrome
             (MGAS = Multiple GAS)
CGAS         Chronic Guitar Acquisition Syndrome
BMGAS        Broken Multiple Guitar Accquisition Syndrone
BAD          Banjo Acquisition Disorder
MAD          Mandolin Acquisition Disorder
CASE         Case Acquisition Syndrome Experience [Pat Flory]
SRT          Spousal Restraint Therapy (supposed to supress GAS)
BF           Beaver Fever (a deadly variant of GAS where you want to trade as much as acquire)
GPCOH        Guitar Player's Code of Honor (you can't talk to someone's spouse about
             someone's instrument purchase)
RABBS        Random Airborn Beer Bottle Syndrome
SAD          Stupid Answer Disorder
SGC          Stupid Guitar Craving (not to be confused with SCGC)
OTIS         Order of the Immaculate Sunburst (Rolly Brown, president)
OBOJ         Official Butt of Jokes
FSG          Fingerstyle guitarist
SCGC         Santa Cruz Guitar Company
SCGC-TR      SCGC Tony Rice model
CW           Clarence White (or Collings Clarence White model = CCW)
             not Country Western!
BG           Bluegrass
DPS          Dobrolic Plectral Society
RW           Rosewood
BRW          Brazilian Rosewood
IRW          Indian Rosewood
MOMA         Masters Of Mahogany Axes
TS           Tortoise Shell
FWI          Fossilized Walrus Ivory, sold by FIK
SKFC         Steve Kaufman's Flatpicking Camp
             (KFC = Kentucky Fried Chicken)
PKD          Post Kamp Depression
MSKIM        Much Steve K. Instructional Materials
LBO          Learn by Osmosis
PLP          Bluegrass Solos That Every Parking Lot Picker Should Know
             (series of instruction books by Steve Kaufmann)
FOTF         SK's Figuring Out The Fingerboard DVD
Plec         Plectrology  (as in Plec-1, Plec-2)
TT           Tape Tsar
MFC          Mandatory Flatpicking Content
MFPC         Mandatory Flatpicking Content
OFC          Obligatory Flatpicking Content
No FPC       No Flatpicking Content
NNFPC        Not Neccessarily Flat Pickin' Content
             [authorship of this acronym belongs to Chris Huey]
Gold         Clayton Ultem pick
CG           Clayton Gold
MBF          Musical Brain F@rt
PITA         Pain in the Accessory
rmmga Newsgroup
FGM          Flatpick Guitar Magazine
BTB          Better Than Bob (Dylan) (used by DOM)
ECS          elegant, consumate skill [K Shuldberg]
HAM          Helpful Advisory Mail
UDA          Usual Disclaimers Apply (no financial connection etc)
IBMA         International Bluegrass Music Association
OIBF         Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival
AFAP         As Fast As Possible (240+ bpm)
COF          Circle Of Fifth (also, CO5 - not to be confused with CO2, carbon dioxide)
bpm          beats per minutes (Doc Watson's guitar break on Black
             Mountain Rag is about 240 bpm or 120 bpm, depending on
             how you count)
GGFQ         Guitar Gung Fu Quotient, multiplying the number of
             years of practice by the number of hours per day
             (orig. Rolly Brown)
FAD          Fiddle Aptitude Delusion - coined by Dick Daniels in
             describing his love-hate relationship with fiddle playing.
BPF          Bo Parker Format (tm) for ASCII tab
MF           Merle Fest
DW           Doc Watson or Gallagher Doc Watson model
Normalize    To become a devout fan of Norman Blake
TDF          To Die For or Too Durn Fast
QS           Quarter Sawn
FWI          Fossilized Walrus Ivory
             Sound of prodigy alarms going off
CBCP         celtobulgarioclassic player (Trish O'Neil)
TMTT         Total Mandothingey Tab
pluckables   Anything that can be plucked
CE           Cool Edit (PC computer software)
BIAB         Band In A Box (computer software to provide a back-up band)
BYNM         Between You and Me
OTR          Off the Record
DH           Do Hickey
DTE          Deader Than Elvis (not Data Terminal Equipment)
GTLWJ        Gone To Live With Jesus
SSF          Short, Stubby Finger
TSF          Terminally Slow Flatpickers
MTCW         My Two-Cents Worth (var. M2CW)
IANAL        I Am Not A Lawyer (Not I am Anal-Retentive)
IANAA        I Am Not An Attorney
IANAPGRP     I Am Not A Professional Guitar Repair Person
JCL          Johnny-Come-Lately (not the IBM system 360's Job Control Language)
ACL          Austin City Limit
GOO          Grand Ole Oprey
TAGS         The Andy Griffith Show (by Mike Arant)

Song Titles etc
BMR          Black Mountain Rag
OBC          Old Brown Case
RHB          Red-Haired Boy
WBB          Whiskey Before Breakfast
WCBU         Will the Circle Be Unbroken  (as in WCBU and WCBU-2)

Personal Names etc
AKUS         Alison Krauss and Union Station
AS           Allen Shadd
B. Bubba     Charlie with a Martin model HD-28-666
BCH          Berline, Crary, Hickman
BK           Bryan Kimsey (see DOM) (not Burger King!)
BD           Brad Davis (not Bob Dylan, not Bo Diddley)
Bo           Bo Parker
CK           Cody Kilby
CL           Claire Lynch
CS           Charles Sawtelle
CTOO         Charlie the other one (Charles Donaghe)
Darci        Ms Darci Cotten who founded Cotten Music with her late husband, Richard
DBFS         Dry Branch Fire Squad
DC           Dan Crary
DG           David Grier
Doc          Doc Watson (also DW)
DOM          Duke of the Mod    (Bryan K)
F&S          Flatt and Scruggs
FIK          Fossil Ivory King (John Mickelson)
FPH          FlatPickin Hipster (Mike Arant)
FPSB         Claire Lynch and the Front Porch String Band
FQMS         First Quality Musical Supply
GPEGS        Grand Poobah Emeritus GAS Society (John Beaver)
GS           George Shuffler
Jack         Jack Lawrence
JH           Jerry Hurst
Kim          Kim Sherman
LRB          Lonesome River Band
Modzilla     Bryan Kimsey (aka DOM)
MC           Mark Cosgrove
MOC          Mark O'Conner
NBB          Nashville Bluegrass Band
NGDB         Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
NGR          New Grass Revival
NB           Norman Blake
Norman       Norman Blake
N&R          Norman Blake and Red Rector
Pistolero    Allen Shadd (in celebration of his 1997 Winfield
PM           Peter McLaughlin
R&S          (Don) Reno and (Red) Smiley
Rolly        Rolly Brown
SPC          South Plains College in Texas
TAFKASK      The Artist Formerly Known as Steve Kaufman
TBGAB        The BlueGrass Album Band
TBLP         The Brown Liquor Pickers
TGOFKAPOD    The Guitar Owner Formerly Known As Prince O'Darkness
TRU          Tony Rice Unit (not to be confused with Toys'R'Us)
TWGSRGP      The World's Greatest Second-Rate Guitar Player (John Novack)
WSM          William Smith Monroe (Bill Monroe)
             WSM is also a country radio station in Nashville.

Mystery short hands