Standard Notation of Pachelbel's Canon in D

Standard Notation and Tablature of Canon in D are available here. These pages are prepared by Finale software (on Macintosh). There are 11 pages (files named "canonp01.gif" through "canonp11.gif"). Each file is about 100 kB (30 seconds on 56 k modem).

When you download it, it will appear huge on screen. This is because the image is prepared at 300 dots per inch (dpi), while your screen uses 72 dpi. This will magnify the page 4 times. This was unavoidable since I wanted to maintain the quality. What you're supposed to do is to save the page, and use a graphics software to print it out on paper. Since your printer should be able to handle 300 dpi, you can get a pretty nice print out.

Let me know if you encounter any problems!
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