Bridgewater State College's Japan Study Tour 2009


My Journal

Autographed Group Shots for Download

Pictures from Japan Study Tour 2009

There are a lot of pictures (~500). There are five preview pages, but the easiest way is to click the above link and go to the first preview page. Once you see the first preview page, you can click on the first thumbnail and then use a right arrow to view the rest of pictures.

Original Large Picture Files for Download.

Note these files are large (about 3 ~ 5 MB each). These are provided if you want to obtain a large print (up to 11 x 17). Do not use them for e-mail! You'll see a page of thumbprints. Click on a photo and wait. Once the picture is loaded, tell your computer to save.

Movie Clips. Movie clips taken during the study tour

The following are Power Point files which I prepared for Asian Art History class in 2008. I took pictures and added some brif comments. I don't know how useful these files can be....

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