This page talks a little about our Plectrology Projects

(updated October 2001)

What Is It?

There is a mailing list on Internet called flatpick-L, where we talk about flatpicked acoustic guitar music. It covers bluegrass and fiddle tunes, but is not limited to them. Other genres like swing jazz, Celtic, Texas swing, and other acoustic music are often discussed.

When the list was established in November 1995, we soon realized that it would be wonderful if we could listen to each other's playing. As you can imagine, e-mail messages can convey so much but only so much.

The idea was bounced around a little, and we decided to put together a compilation tape. In April 1996, music was sent in to me, and we put together Plectrology (the name was coined by Tom Dillon). This consisted of two 90 minute cassette tapes. It was an instant success (I think). We were so excited about the realization that we got to listen to other's music, Plectrology became an annual event and Plectrology II (three 90-min tapes, 1997), III (four 70+ min CDs, 1998), IV (five 70+ min CDs, 1999), and V (five 70+ min CDs plus Reissue of Plec I and II in MP3 format, 2000) were subsequently produced. (See below for Song Lists). Presently (October 2001), we are about to distribute Plectrology VI (six CDs).

The music came from all levels of performers - beginners all the way up to professionals. Recording equipments vary, too - from a GE boombox to a professional studio recording. The songs, of course, span a widest possible spectrum of flatpicked guitar music.

Currently, Plec I, II, III are all gone. I think there's just a handful of Plectrology IV lying around. There are some copies of Plec V still available for purchase ($28, I think). You may contact me for further information at

Meanwhile, you can join the flatpick-l. A good place to start is There is a link to subscribe to the mailing list.

Submission Guideline for Plectrology

If you're interested in contributing to Plectrology VIII, here is Guideline we used for Plectrology IV. Plectrology VII is being assembled right now (January 2003). The next Plectrology VIII will probably happen in Spring of 2004.

Submission Media for Plectrology

If you'd like to see what media have been used for submission, Click here.

Plectrology Song Lists

Song List for Plectrology I (May 1996)

Song List for Plectrology II (May 1997)

Song List for Plectrology III (May 1998)

Song List for Plectrology IV (June 1999)

Song List for Plectrology V (July 2000)

Song List for Plectrology VI (September 2001)

Song List for Plectrology VII (May 2003)

Liner notes for Plectrology III, Disk 4

If you missed the post about the liner notes, here is a copy.